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We offer a wide variety of broadloom for all budgets – Tufted Nylons, Woven Wools, Axminster Wool Blends, Printed Nylons as well as Custom Hand tufted rugs. Not to mention needlepoint and fusion bonded carpet. These broadlooms can be installed over traditional pad and tackless, direct cement down or high performance double stick method.

Natural Linoleum & Cork

As sustainable biodegradable products, it’s easy to see why Natural Cork and Natural Linoleum are such popular choices for your project and our environment. Cork and Linoleum are made from all natural products and have inherited anti-bacterial, slip resistant and self-extinguishing properties. These products have been known to wear 30, 40, years and more.

Carpet Tile

The fast growing carpet-tile market is here to stay. Modular carpeting has come a long way. The latest technology offers great design capabilities as well as performance all in one. Combine that with faster installation times and easy replacement when needed makes carpet tile an excellent choice.

Engineered & Natural Woods

What ever your project or budget demands may be, we offer a great selection of Engineered Wood and Hardwoods to fit your needs.


A broad choice of products including Laminates, Solid Vinyl, LVT (luxury vinyl tile), VCT (vinyl composition tile), Rubber to mention a few. All resilient are environmentally friendly and contain pre-consumer as well as post-consumer recycled content. Colors and shapes are limitless and you are sure to find the perfect product.

Self Leveled Floors

Whether you’re in need of a new concrete subfloor or if you just want the look of a self-leveled finished concrete floor in shades of grey or even a custom color, we have the answer. We use the latest in self-leveling products that will accommodate your budget and look that you want to achieve. Pink concrete anyone?

Moisture Mitigation

Your new floor is a big investment and moisture can be a costly enemy. We offer solutions to help you resolve any moisture issues you may have on your project. We can test your concrete slab using an Anhydrous Calcium Chloride or Relative Humidity (RH) testing method which will measure the Moisture Vapor Emissions Rate (MVEP) in your concrete slab. If your concrete has excessive moisture emissions, we have the latest moisture mitigation applications to solve your problem and avoid installation failures of your new floor. Let us help you.

Safety Floors

We offer a variety of safety floors for your entire project ; Non-Slip Vinyl tile, Safety Stair and Landing products, Fire Exit and Egress products such as Photo Luminescent, Anti Fatigue Matting, Non Slip Entrance Flooring and Grill Systems.

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